Game Overview

Ride'm Poker is an exciting multi-card game similar to straight poker. You can play one, two or three hands at once. The Player plays against himself; the Dealer simply deals the cards. You choose to let your play ride or pass before the Dealer flips over each of the two cards he holds. Your goal as the Player is to decide if the cards the Dealer is holding will give you a winning hand or if you wish to pass. Ride'm Poker also has a Bonus option. By placing a 1.00 side play, you can win up to 20,000.00 in credits.

The Rules

Ride'm Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. Play starts with the Player making three players of equal size for each hand they wish to play. The Dealer then gives each Player three cards. Two community cards are placed face down in front of the Dealer. After seeing the first three cards of each hand, the Player has the choice to PASS and take one of their three plays back or to RIDE and leave it in. The Dealer then turns over one of the two community cards. The Player has the option, for each hand, to PASS and take out another bet or to RIDE and leave it in. The Player may PASS or RIDE the second time regardless of their first decision. Finally, the second community card is flipped and the Player's hands are evaluated according to the winnings table below: When you receive a good hand, you naturally let it ride. Your 1.00 side play will be evaluated based on the final cards of the hand.