Game Overview

Oasis Poker is a variant of the classic Caribbean Stud Poker. It holds similarities both to Blackjack and to Video Poker. The Player plays against the Dealer, independently of other Players. Your goal as the Player is to beat the Dealer's hand.

The Rules

Oasis Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. In order to participate in the game, you must first place an ante play. You are then dealt a hand of five cards. The Dealer also receives five cards; four face down and one open card. In Oasis Poker, you can exchange your cards after they have been dealt, for a price. The Player and the Dealer compare hands formed from their five cards. When you have looked at your cards and the Dealer's open card, you must decide whether to make a play and challenge the Dealer's hand, exchange cards, or to fold (surrender). If you wish to challenge the Dealer, you must place a play by pressing the PLAY button. The play is always equal to twice the ante. If you do not wish to challenge the Dealer's hand, you must opt to press FOLD and lose your ante. When you receive a good hand, you naturally place a play to challenge the Dealer. If you wish to exchange your cards for new cards, you must select the cards you want to exchange, and then press the DRAW button. When the play has been placed, the Dealer reveals his remaining four cards, and the hands are compared.

Changing cards

After your initial hand is dealt, you have the option to exchange any cards of your choice for the next card(s) in the deck. There is a fee to do this, equal to the ante play as outlined below. This fee is non-refundable.

You may switch one of more cards. In this case, the fee for switching two cards is two times the ante, three cards for three times the ante, four cards for two times the ante, and five cards for one times the ante. If you exchange all five of our cards, then you must raise, you are not permitted to fold. This is done automatically for you.