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Tips For NBA Basketball Betting – The Best Point Guard In The NBA

Posted by Craig Parsons on 11/12/2012 5:30:07 PM

When people in the online sports betting legal realm make predictions and assessments in any sport, not just NBA basketball, they will often rest their arguments on the best players on teams, or the best players at given positions. This means that the best point guard in the NBA will often figure into the kinds of analytical statements they seek to advance.

The poker games of the roundball world demand a dealer who can give the ball to his teammates. Point guards will always have a prominent role in shaping the outcomes of games. Even people interested in football betting more than basketball betting should find this truth to be unassailable.

Who is the best point guard in the NBA? This is a complex question with no easy answer. What should the answer be based on? Who passes the best? Who scores the most points? How about who is the most athletic performer on the court or the fastest? Maybe the player who is the best combination of these things; ultimately, no one really seems to be… not anyone who is also healthy and playing actively.

Derrick Rose is the most athletic scorer of those currently playing. Yet, he has been having a lot of health problems that have kept him off the floor this season, so is it really fair to say he's the best? Russell Westbrook on the other hand is not quite as good an athlete – he's fast but not as physical – but he does have a lot of spring in his legs and can run the floor incredibly fast, not to mention all the scoring he's capable of in a game.

Passing is a whole other skill that even though Rose and Westbrook can do it well, they are not really among the greats or even the best in the league. Steve Nash on the other hand is just downright scary at it. Some of his passing is so quick and unexpected that sometimes his own teammates don't know what to expect at first, but once they get used to it, their scoring can come very easily because of Nash's ability to see the floor and know how or where to put the ball. Then when you add his great jump shooting it becomes easy to see why he belongs in – and maybe at the top of – this discussion. 

The last two players that need to be considered are Rajon Rondo, who always plays like a maniac and racks up double-digit assists every season, and always leads his team to the playoffs. Then Chris Paul, whose almost angry playing style can scare not only opponents but at times his own teammates. Paul uses his aggression to drive to the basket and collect fouls to put his team over the top in key moments.

Last but far from the least is Jason Kidd, whose on court presence has lifted many teams in the league to a higher level. He is also the third-highest in three-point shots made on the all-time list. All of that doesn't even count in relationship to what he does to bring a team together on the floor when it comes to focus and leadership. 

In the end the only way to settle this argument might be to count how many titles these players have, in which case it's Rondo and Kidd who are the only contenders, but that's not the honest way to do it. There is no way to make a fair judgment with all of these players to chose from. You really just have to go with your own favorite.

One person's opinion: Rondo. Not because of his passing itself, but because of his rebounding and defense, which enable him to dominate a game even when he's not scoring. Rose is second when healthy, Paul is third.



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