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NFL Power Rankings - Colts get a shot at top spot this week

Posted by Stan Simmons on 11/12/2009 12:12:25 PM
NFL oddsThe NFL power rankings haven’t changed a ton this week at the very top, but NFL betting fans have had Week 10 marked down on the calendar for a while. The reason? Two words: Patriots Colts. If Indianapolis beats New England this week, it could very well snag the No. 1 ranking next week.

1. (1) New Orleans (8-0)
ATS: 6-2; O/U: 5-3

The Saints keep impressing us in new ways. They’ve shown they can win when opponents stop Drew Brees, overcome massive deficits and, last week, they showed us they can overcome holes in their defensive game. It appears they won’t stop the run too well until Sedrick Ellis returns but they should be fine anyway. God help the Rams this week.

2. Indianapolis (8-0)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 3-5

The Colts continue to dominate the standings but they’ve had their share of sportsbook luck too, from a slew of weak pass defenses to kicker Kris Brown missing a 42-yard field goal for Houston last week. If Indy beats the Patriots, however, we’ll truly know it’s the cream of the crop.

3. (5) Pittsburgh (6-2)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 4-4

It’s only fair to rank them ahead of the Vikings, whom they beat a few weeks ago. The Steelers looked like nothing less than champions this past Monday night. As Jon Gruden says, no team is better at remaining calm and “closing out” opponents down the stretch. If Rashard Mendenhall keeps running like a true No. 1 back, the Steelers could be unbeatable.

4. (3) Minnesota (7-1)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 6-2

The Vikes slide a spot after a bye week but should climb again with four of their next five games at home.

5. (9) Dallas (6-2)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 5-3

They officially have our attention now, don’t they? The Tony-Romo-to-Miles-Austin connection keeps growing, even with Austin facing double teams now. Now that the Cowboys are playing defense again, they’ve returned to contender status. The road win over Philly sure turned heads.

6. (7) New England (6-2)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 3-5

The Pats look dominant lately, but any team can look good when it faces Tennessee, Tampa and Miami in consecutive weeks. The true gauge of how smooth things are running for Belichick’s group will come this Sunday night at Lucas Oil Stadium.

7. (8) Cincinnati (6-2)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 4-4

NFL betting fans keep doubting them and they keep proving us wrong. Face it, everyone – the Bengals aren’t going away. You can’t beat Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Baltimore twice by fluke. With Carson Palmer looking healthy, Cincy could push the Steelers for the AFC North crown.

8. (4) Philadelphia (5-3)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 6-2

Had to slide them down a few slots with none of the top seven NFL power rankings teams losing. For the Eagles to contend in the NFC, they’ll need a reliable running game to materialize, whether LeSean McCoy or Brian Westbrook gets the rock.

9. (6) Denver (6-2)
ATS: 6-2; O/U: 1-7

Don’t leap violently from the bandwagon just yet, folks. The last two weeks have told us something: that Denver isn’t the best team in the NFL and perhaps isn’t a Super Bowl contender. But that doesn’t mean the Broncos aren’t good. They still play great defense and have several more wins up their sleeve this season.

10. (11) Atlanta (5-3)
ATS: 6-2; O/U: 5-3

Michael Turner is alive and burning defenses again. With Tampa Bay twice and the Bills also remaining on the schedule, the Falcons seem destined for second straight Wildcard playoff berth.

11. (15) Arizona (5-3)
ATS: 6-2; O/U: 5-3

The Panthers poked the sleeping bear known as Kurt Warner; he took it out on the Bears.

12. (16) San Diego (5-3)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 4-3-1

Maybe they aren’t pretenders after all?

13. (10) New York Giants (5-4)
ATS: 5-4; O/U: 5-3-1

Maybe they are pretenders after all?

14. (12) Baltimore (4-4)
ATS: 5-3; O/U: 4-4

Like the Bears, they’re surprising us with their defensive incompetence instead of offensive woes.

15. (13) Houston (5-3)
ATS: 5-3-1; O/U: 3-6

Don’t you feel like they’ll find a way to screw this up?

16. (14) Chicago (4-4)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 4-4

Pressure to perform mounting on Jay Cutler since the “D” can’t keep teams off the board.

17. (22) Jacksonville (4-4)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 5-3

Probably the worst .500 team in the league right now.

18. (25) Tennessee (2-6)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 5-3

Think it’s too big of a jump? Find a team below the Titans that has more momentum right now.

19. (17) Green Bay (4-4)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 5-3

The future remains bright but the Pack are going nowhere until they sort out their O-line woes. Six sacks against the Bucs?

20. (18) Carolina (3-5)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 4-4

The growing confidence in them was short-lived. We remembered they had Jake Delhomme.

21. (19) San Francisco (3-5)
ATS: 5-2-1; O/U: 4-4

Could Mike Singletary go from Coach of the Year hopeful to fired in one season?

22. (20) Miami (3-5)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 5-3

It’s safe to say the wildcat has been tamed.

23. (21) New York Jets (4-4)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 4-4

Four of their next five games are winnable but they end the season with the Falcons, Colts and Bengals. Bye-bye playoffs.

24. (24) Seattle (3-5)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 4-4

Beating Detroit doesn’t move you up in the NFL power rankings.

25. (23) Buffalo (3-5)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 3-5

They can’t stop the run – or the bleeding.

26. (26) Oakland (2-6)
ATS: 4-4; O/U: 3-5

How excited do you think the Raiders were for their bye? Must’ve been nice to escape the agony.

27. (32) Tampa Bay (1-7)
ATS: 2-6; O/U: 5-3

Josh Freeman – and those throwback units – gave Tampa some legit optimism for the first time all season. Nice story.

28. (27) Washington (2-6)
ATS: 1-7; O/U: 3-5

Some people picked them as busts, but did anyone expect them to become a laughing stock?

29. (28) Kansas City (1-7)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 4-4-2

Larry Johnson out, Chris Chambers in. Improvement?

30. (29) St. Louis (1-7)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 4-4

As much as online betting surprises us every week, a win over New Orleans would be akin to a CFL team winning that game.

31. (31) Detroit (1-7)
ATS: 2-6; O/U: 4-4

At least they made things interesting against the Seahawks.

32. (30) Cleveland (1-7)
ATS: 3-5; O/U: 3-5

Just when you think they’ve hit rock bottom, their Monday nighter may get blacked out.

Check Stan Simmons’ NFL power rankings next week to see if the Colts finally get the top sports betting rank.

Stan Simmons is one of's NFL experts.



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